Thursday, June 17, 2010


Crysis Upload

The zip file contains my draft environment, final environment, and object files

Buttons for elevators:
The few elevators within Angela Merkel's office are controlled by "P" and "L" which the elevator system is designed to move all platform simultaneously.
The white elevator at the very bottom of Miranda Kerr's office which carries the character from ground level to Miranda's office is controlled by "P" and "L" as well.
The blue elevator which moves from Angela Merkel's office to the dinner table is controlled by "B" and "N" to move back and forth.
The blue elevator which moves from Miranda Kerr's office to the dinner table is controlled by "J" and "K" to move back and forth.

NOTICE: I checked my level in crysis afterwards and my dinner table ground surface is sometimes bugged, where player may fall through the surface into the water, but after replacing the surface again, problem was resolved, so please be aware as I don't know how to fix that as It seems fine as times.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Developed Environment

This is the overall view of the architecture. I tried to designed entire architecture as one single entity, so they have unity with each other while also try to create a distinctive contrast between each other.

This is the dinner table, I opt for a simple design for the dinner table but to create a picturesque setting with the waterfall and ocean view. The dinner on water is an inspiration from a tennis exhibition match, where a tennis match was played on water, with a glass surface.

This is the office for Angela Merkel, inspired by her position as a chancellor of Germany, I research her position and was later drawed ideas from Star wars the movie, similar position with the chancellor of the galactic empire. Her office symbolises the government chamber, where most of her work time will involved. The platforms serves as a working space and an elevator.

This is the bridge between Miranda Kerr and Angela Merkel, the bridge combines design ideas from both of their respective architecture and to serve as a bridge to the two differences of power.

This is the office of Miranda Kerr, her work as a model give her influence and power, but vastly contrast with Angela Merkel's type of power. Her power as a professional model is about beauty, so I used a colour theme which shows life and beauty, the environment gives her a roof/platform for her modelling, similar to a few of her photoshop shoots which includes a lot of sunlight.

Textures used

The textures were photoshopped and altered to create dynamic effect

Google Warehouse Upload

The two clients are Angela Merkel and Miranda Kerr